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Skin Cleaning Brushes Used
- Sep 29, 2016 -

Cleaning brush designed for skin, no matter how appearance, should have a good brush conditions. Choose from the best in the inner arm to try and determine its good elasticity and softness after you buy.

For facial skin: formed by the bump brush and massage face cleansing brush, wet and foam becomes softer. Mix pore size design brushes, massage can be cleaned to remove dirt. Worth noting is that your strength is smaller, the higher its wash and does not damage the skin. Following bumps can also massage the face intensive acupuncture points, helps blood circulation and metabolism. Usage: with hot water and a wet brush cleanser, cleanser on the back after turning on the crowd several times, making a small quantity of foam. From nose weeks, upward through the forehead, temples, cheeks and Chin to those who, after the massage wash.