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Right Way To Daily Styling Hairdressing Tools How To Use
- Sep 29, 2016 -

Q1: mane comb is suitable for what type of hair?

A1: volume shape-or the hot roll shape

In the volumes or on hot roll of hair hair care styling time, usually using a mane comb. This is because the mane comb contains special materials and shapes, it can better keep original curls of hair, even the enhance hair's curl. If it is generally made of wood, plastic Combs have no such effect, because these no mane comb comb itself has that sense of space, it could not make the hair up.

Q2: under what conditions using a comb?

A2: style and dress hair

Due to the pointed tail comb is easier to pick out hair, so when appearance and dress hair is more suitable. This comb is suitable for long hair women, to distribute films made by the long hair would be handy. Ponytail when some people may not like the head is too light can also use the comb in the hair layer to pick a number, feeling full overhead.