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How To Choose The Right Hair Straightener Brush ?
- Dec 21, 2016 -
short straight hair

Straight Hair is Not a Dream!

A hair straightener brush is a styling tool that allows you to be able to simply achieve a straight-from-the-salon sleek appearance at home. Also widely known as flat irons or hair irons in many places, these particular tools utilize heated plates to assist in straightening strands of hair. You can transform untidy hair into appealing straight locks with the use of a high-quality hair straightening tool such as a hair iron or straightener brush.

All hair straighteners brush available can straighten hair. However, the best flat irons contain sophisticated technology that can do it much more effectively and efficiently. They can also be very costly, with their prices being upwards of $300, so it should be in your best interest to choose a hair straightener that is durable and is suitable for your hair type and length.

Since flat irons may look the same, below are some of the factors you should consider when choosing the right one for you:

Plate Material

Plenty, if not all, hair straighteners’ plates are made of tourmaline material, ceramic, titanium or even a combination of two. These particular elements release negative ions when heated, assisting in straightening, smoothing and sealing the cuticle of the hair strands. However, each type of plate is ideal for different kinds of hair. The ceramic hair straighteners are capable of maintaining high-temperature levels and even distribution of heat resulting in frizz-free and shiny locks with minimal damage. The solid ceramic plates are quite expensive than the ceramic-coated plates but do not damage the hair strands. The swift hair brush straightener also boasts a ceramic brush plate which has been thoughtfully designed to lessen the damage that can occur from overheating.

Titanium plates also provide consistent heat distribution. They, however, have the upper hand in providing a higher ionic output as compared to the ceramic plates. Titanium hair straighteners are ideal for coarse, thick and undamaged hair that is hard to straighten.

Unlike ceramic and titanium plates, tourmaline isn’t a standalone material but rather a semi-precious stone that is usually crushed up and infused into titanium or ceramic plates. The plates that are infused with tourmaline material are suitable for coarse hair since they reduce friction while straightening the hair strands, thus producing unique sleek locks. So if you’re going to choose a ceramic straightening tool, be sure it contains tourmaline.

The cheapest flat irons contain metal plates. They can flatten unruly thick or thin tresses but are however more likely to damage hair. The metal plates are likely to provide uneven and inconsistent temperatures on their surfaces that can cause hot spots and eventually damage your hair.

close up of hair plates

Hair Brush Straightener Ceramic Plate

Plate Size

There are different hair straightener sizes available. Choose the one with a thicker plate if you have thick or long hair. Flat irons that are one inch or less are perfect if your hair is short and fine. With the new hair brushes with built in straightening plates, the size isn’t as much of a factor as you can use the straightening brush just like a normal hairbrush and you’ll get great results.

Temperature Adjustment

Choose a hair straightener that consists of controls for temperature regulation, especially if you have chemically treated, fine or damaged hair. Subjecting hair to high temperature can sometimes cause breakages so being able to adjust the temperature optimally is a very crucial factor. The Swift hair brush straightener consists of five fingertip control settings from 120 degrees Celsius (suitable for fine/fragile hair) up to 200 degrees Celsius (thick/curly hair).