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Home Perms
- Sep 29, 2016 -

Don't want to wear every day with a distributed, or randomly in a ponytail the street, want a little more attractive, spend half an hour before you go out a perm! Ready for hair dryer, curling iron, spray and cream gel later, nice perm!

Run the fringe. First of all to get bangs, produced a volume effect, at home and using reel comb comb bangs, while the home hair dryer heat setting can be a bang.

Hair layered. Use curling irons hair always starts in the middle of volume 1-2 volume, volume of the time is not too large, curled hair layered can in turn.

Heat setting. Hair dryer acts the effect of stereotypes, can blow out a beautiful hairstyle. Your hair from the inside with a hand up, another hand from the hair with a hair dryer to heat outside.

Hair styling with gel cream. Take cream gel in your hand, rub and then inserted into the hair of hair in his hands, in order to achieve a permanent fluffy feeling.