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Hair What Tools Are Needed
- Sep 29, 2016 -

Fashion women, beautiful hair is essential to reflect the personality factors. However, if every transformation hair salon is impractical and time-consuming. So, try to give yourself hair gadgets equipped with the necessary, so as to transform anywhere, anytime ideal hairstyle, free interpretation of youthful vitality.

Wide brush

1. Wide brush

After washing hair, hair dry rub when ganged up on, then if you choose too fine comb to comb your hair, can easily lead to hair loss. Wide brush is fashion the United States developed the people's essential tools. When selecting a wide comb, pay attention to the end of the comb cannot be too sharp, it will be very easy to scratch the scalp.

2. Spare ribs with comb

Straight long hair girl most likely to experience problems with styling products. Ribs comb comb is looser will be enough space to the hair, help break up, especially in the face of hair knots when comb ribs can flourish. However, when combing the ends first comb at the knot, attention gently shake hair knot will be able to relax it.

Tail drain before you can use hair dryer to blow hair.