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Hair Straightener Of 2017 For Curly Hair Black Friday
- Dec 01, 2016 -

You should, ideally, do a comparison with other best hair straighteners of 2017 in the same price bracket to ascertain how this particular one stacks up. And then, of course, there’s the warranty to be considered. A tool with a good and comprehensive warranty to cover it would be great since it would protect you from ending up with a cheap quality product which you may find coming apart in your hands, or simply stop functioning, after just a few uses.

Best Hair Straightener of 2017

Now let’s go a little deeper to examine the intricacies of all these factors to master the art of buying the best straightener. As mentioned earlier, the quality of your hair is important when considering a straightener. Not all straighteners work well on coarse hair, nor do all function effectively on smooth hair. What you therefore need is a kind of customized straightener designed to suit your special kind of hair.

So start by checking out your hair texture. If it’s thin, smooth and quite fine, then you need a ceramic flat iron. On the other hand, coarse and thick hair requires the efficiency of a titanium flat iron to straighten your hair. The ceramic models are made to heat up quite evenly and are, hence, excellent for smooth, thin hair. There are, of course, many other kinds of plates that go into the making of a hair straightener. You’ll find plates made of glass, metal, ceramic, titanium and even a combo of ceramic and titanium. The quality of the plate is a direct reflection of its price, so you’ll usually find the less expensive straighteners having glass or metal plates, which are just not good for your hair.

Next, check out the size and features of the straightener you’ve shortlisted. It should be neither too large nor so small that it can’t reach the ends of your hair. But be careful to check the size against ease of use too. You need to be comfortable while using the straightener, and you also need to be sure it won’t be cumbersome or complex in its operation.

Then, as mentioned earlier, there are the accessories that come with the straightener which also make a difference to the final decision in choosing the best. If it’s just a basic straightener you’re looking for, then you can easily go for a less costly one, with no or few accessories. However, if you want something more elaborate to meet your myriad hair styling needs for different occasions, then it may be a good idea to spend extra and go for one with more accessories. The variety of styling options it’ll give you will more than compensate for the extra price.

There’s something about hair that inspires you to experiment. From long to short, from wavy to blunt, and from curly to straight—you’d have surely experimented, too, with different kinds of haircuts and styles.

Perhaps you did it for a change because you were bored of the same old kind of hair you’d been sporting all these years. Or maybe someone told you how good you’d look in a different style, especially with the particular shape of your face or head.

Well, there could be any reason for going for hair style change but eventually, everyone does it sometime or the other in life.

While personal preferences usually dictate the hair style you may want to opt for, the prevailing fashion trends also play a role in the ultimate choice. So if you suddenly see a lot of people around you opting for short hair, you can safely conclude that short hair is in these days. And you might just want to follow suit, if only to keep yourself in fashion too. The same logic, of course, applies to straight hair. If you “suffer” from the monotony of carrying wavy and unmanageable hair, you might well like to try out the “straight” look for a change.

Once the decision is made, you could either go to a salon (an expensive proposition no doubt) or do it yourself at home with the help of a hair straightener, of which you’ll come across all kinds of varieties in terms of quality and price.