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8 Facial Cleaning Method Teaches You Deep Cleansing Facial
- Sep 29, 2016 -

At the turn of spring, summer, high temperatures, dry weather and a lot of sweating out the oil makes the skin often oily face. At this time, to wash the face clean and not so easy, the facial skin is divided into 8 regions, different parts of the State, natural cleaning methods varies. Next, we went to study!

First, the t-zone--a scrub

The t-zone is the largest oil production, pore clogging of the most vulnerable parts, therefore should be "taking care", while cleansing with the middle finger and ring finger in the t-zone as a whole is slightly hard rubbing, skin can feel pressure if too much fat can be twice more.

Second, the forehead – be careful washing

Forehead cause acne, acne, especially girls with head curtain, not clean hair in forehead repeatedly rubbing most likely have acne, so use caution when cleaning. Clamp head curtains don't fully washed, then thoroughly cleaned from your hairline, often difficult to rinse the place are also prone to acne.