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How to use a hair straightening brush
- Nov 15, 2016 -

The first launch of the brush straightener on the market, in the last quarter of 2015, some major design improvements were developed. The non-branded models have quite a few issues reported – from instructions in Chinese to not heating at all, to smelling like burned plastic. Some models even had to be withdrawn from the market, as the iron coating was an electrocution hazard. Here are few things to watch out for, when you’re looking to buy a hair brush straightener:

  • Ceramic coating vs iron vs plastic – this is a no brainer, since you want to have maximum hair protection when applying heat: always opt for Ceramic!

  • Seamless nibs vs apparent ones – with older non branded models sometimes nibs can come off with wear and tear

  • Fast heating time

  • No pulling on hair

How to use a hair straightening brush

Here’s me below having fun testing one of the new brush straighteners for some touch ups in the morning.

There are a few quick tips I thought I’d share with you for using brush straighteners:

  1. Only use them on dry hair

  2. Brush your hair first to get out all the tangles and knots

  3. Section your hair out before using

  4. Heat up to the right temperature (always start low and gradually get higher until you find the right setting)

  5. Use a heat protecting spray

  6. Use a glove if you have a very hot brush

  7. Seek out cool-tip bristles

  8. Go for a lightweight version if you have lots of hair because straightening will take longer – you don’t want wrist ache!

  9. Look for ceramic or tourmaline technology for its ionic benefits for smoother and shinier hair

Now you’ll always have a styling hair day!